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Jun 12, 2022

Role of Cuemath Free Trial Classes In Choosing the Best Option

Nowadays there are many online platforms that are providing online tuition for most subjects. Based on the requirements of the children, they can get enrolled in any website which they feel comfortable for their kids.

But the question here is how to know about the website before enrolling in it. Because, unlike the other subject, mathematics includes calculations, proving a theorem, and constructions which demand little more attention and concentration about the subject. 

To understand the methods completely. In order to deal with such situations, the Cuemath website has come up with a very good solution of providing Cuemath free trial classes for the parents to know about the tutors and the methodology they will follow to teach their kids. And to know about the effective environment of the live sessions. This makes it easier for parents to choose online websites for their children.

Know More About the Cuemath Free Demo Classes

  • Free demo classes facilitate the parents to know about the teaching techniques, class environment, unique approach of the cuemath tutors towards the subjects, live discussion and interaction between the students and tutor, class-size ratios, and online assessment. All this information helps parents to choose the correct websites for their kids. Since parents already have an idea about their kid’s grasping capacity, lQ level, and subject of interest.
  • Parents have the special choice of hiring personal tutors if they want to give individual attention and exclusive interactive Life sessions to their kids. So it will be a one-to-one ratio where only one student is assigned to the tutor.
  • After attending the Cuemath free demo classes, the parents feel that they want any customized set of instructions or personalized curriculum based on the requirement of their kids that can be provided by the cuemath tutors.
  • The main vision of the free demo classes is to satisfy the parents with their choice and to give the answer and that this class will make their kids become independent problems solver by building a strong foundation in mathematics.

Let’s Learn About the Probability

The English meaning of probability is a ‘possibility’. It is one of the important and interesting topics in mathematics. probability is defined as the measure of the number of a favorable outcomes of an event to occur. In some situations, we cannot predict the outcome of an event in such cases the probability helps us to measure the possibility of an event that can happen with a favorable outcome. We will represent the probability in a numerical way using the two digits 0 and 1. In any experiment consider P as the total outcome of an event. And Q is the favorable outcome of an event. We can formulate the  probability formula,

Probability of an event = favorable outcome/ total outcome (q/p).

Terminologies Used in Probability

  1. Experiment: An activity an operation performed to produce an outcome is called an experiment.
  2. Sample Space: All the possible outcomes of an experiment are known as sample space For example, the result of a student pass or fail

Favorable Outcome: An experiment that should give the expected result is called a favorable outcome. 

Trial: it is a number of attempts in a random experiment.

Event: The sum of all the results of a random experiment is called an event.


Example 1: Calculate the probability of getting a number less than 6. when a dice is rolled.


Chances of getting a number less than 6

Given: Sample space = {1,2,3,4,5,6}

Getting a number less than 6 = {1,2,3,4,5}

Therefore, n(p) = 6

n(q) = 5

Using Probability Formula,

P(A) = (n(q))/(n(p))

p(A) = 5/6


If you want to learn more about probability and other maths concepts in a detailed manner, with an interesting and fun way. Visit Cuemath to book a free session.


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