Apr 11, 2022

40 Best Mods For Stardew Valley Players

Granted, I won’t agree with you, they might as well be real fish with how slippery they are, but who’s to say you aren’t entitled to something more challenging. Now you can enjoy one of life’s most serene pastimes without wanting to chuck your computer into a pond. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge you may want to explore some bigger, more difficult caves.

This mod adds twelve different German Shepherd skins to Stardew Valley. That’s one dozen puppies to love even more than the boring puppies you love now. Another small, but highly appreciated improvement, is this mod that adds experience bars to your screen. With this, you’ll be able to see how close you are from ranking up one of your skills. A followup to Tego’s first expansion, this mod adds even more to the world.

I can’t even imagine playing Stardew Valley without these anymore. Can also search within chests, and all chests have category tabs. For me it is definitely the Automate, Expanded Storage and Automatic gates mods. It’ll prevent the game from changing your hairstyle automatically when wearing a hat. If you’re looking to renew the wardrobe of your female character, you definitely found the right mod.

The most amazing mods are generally those that take the vanilla game as the groundwork to build something new, full of content to explore and providing a different experience. For me this is one of the first mods anyone should install, and I never play the game without it. This mod by creator Ohodavi will replace the boring old character portraits from the vanilla game with updated, beautiful faces worthy of a Kyoto Animation series. This mod by Bouhm simply adds little faces representing each character that track where exactly they are on the map. If you’re getting a mod that adds more customization options, this is key to maximizing enjoyment. Inventory management is a staple challenge of all kinds of RPGs and farming games alike, so it’s no surprise it takes on such an important role in Stardew Valley.

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