Jul 13, 2022

Why Do Casinos Ban Bonus Hunters and Bonus Abusers?

Online casinos around the world offer bonus deals as part of a strategy to attract new users to their platforms and help retain their customers. It is a symbiotic relationship between the users and the online casinos where you benefit in terms of the chance to win various prizes while the casino retains you as their customer. Vulkan Vegas Latvia is an excellent example of a casino that offers some of the most lucrative bonus deals for both new and ongoing players.

If you have redeemed a few casino promotions, you already know that these promotions usually come with a fine print to ensure that the win-win model for the house and its players stays intact. But then, some players somehow manage to find loopholes in the bonus awarding systems in a bid to reap an extra layer of benefits that casino operators never intended. Of course, when such players – popularly referred to as bonus hunters and bonus abusers, are found out, they are usually banned by the casino. 

So, today’s big question is, why online casinos against such practices? Read on to understand why bonus hunters and bonus abusers are kicked out of casinos. And if it’s something you do or have been planning to do for some reason, keep reading to understand why you should stop.  

The Concept of Fairness

Like in any other business, there has to be a level playing field for all parties involved. Regrettably, bonus hunters and bonus abusers do not care about fairness as they just want to be the only beneficiaries in the deal. The most common type of bonus abuse comes in the form of an individual player creating multiple accounts to set themselves up for many bonuses at a go. It’s no wonder most online casinos set up bonus rules limiting one bonus to only one player per household and IP address. Nevertheless, people have still been known to bypass these restrictions.

Bonus abusers who benefit from numerous promotions using different accounts end up tipping the scales against honest players who are religiously abiding by the rules. In a tournament, for instance, a player with multiple accounts will reduce the chances of winning for honest players with only one account. Therefore, if you must take advantage of many casino bonuses, the honorable thing to do would be to set up only one account across different online casinos. That way, you will not have broken any rules and won’t make gambling an unfair experience for other players. 

The good thing about most casinos is that there’s always a bonus available. As such, you can double back to the online casino whenever a new promotion pops up. Furthermore, provided you abide by the requirements of redeeming the offer, you will never get banned. The caveat for such an approach, however, comes when eligibility conditions only allow players who have spent a certain amount or those who have been active for a specified period.

It’s Generally Bad for Business

Imagine you’re setting up numerous accounts, all of which benefit from bonuses like no deposit bonuses, free spins, deposit bonuses and cashback offers. Now expand that to hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. What will happen next? Well, the online casinos will face an impending crisis of struggling to fulfill their end of the bargain in a way that retains the profitability of their business. 

It, therefore, makes sense for online casinos to impose strict restrictions against such accounts. 

One clever way online casinos have been preventing abuse is through playthrough requirements. With such conditions, players must spend a certain amount of money in the lobby before they can cash out any payout accrued from playing with bonus cash. 

How Casinos Deal with Bonus Hunting and Bonus Abuse

There was a time when online casinos offered much more flexible bonus deals than the ones we have now. However, those times ended when people started fleecing the system with ploys such as bonus hunting and abuse. The casinos, therefore, had to become wiser and have, in turn, employed their ways to fight back:

  • IP Address Tracking: It would be hard to track players who have opened accounts on various devices unless you track down the IP addresses of the devices connected. 
  • Ban Specific Countries: Some countries are notorious for bonus hunting and abuse. As such, players from these countries are often banned from obtaining some promotions.
  • Restricting Specific Payment Methods:  It has become common practice for casinos to prevent players from redeeming bonuses via payment options like Skrill which bonus hunters and abusers have notoriously used.

Stay Sharp and Keep Casino Gaming Fair

While many bonus hunters and abusers do it intentionally, there are instances where this may not be the case. If you haven’t gone through the relevant terms and conditions of redeeming a bonus, you might end up breaking the rules that dishonest players try to circumnavigate. As such, before redeeming a promotion, make sure you read the fine print, or else you may be banned on suspicion of abuse.


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