Jul 25, 2022

Career Advantages of Becoming a CRNA

When it comes to picking out a great career that will allow you to help out others and get ahead in life at the same time, you can’t go wrong when it comes to gaining your CRNA degree and choosing this as your new career. There are a lot of great advantages to being a CRNA, which is why it is becoming such a popular option for young professionals. 

Some of the different career advantages of becoming a CRNA include:

Higher Earning Potential

When you decide to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you will be able to make a good living in the process. While it will depend on where you live and the experience you bring to the table, the mean annual wage for a CRNA is about $189,000 a year. For those at the top of their field, it is possible to make up to $270,000 a year. 

This is a great income for a professional to make while providing assistance to their patients at the same time. You will be able to shop around for different areas where your skills may be in high-demand to ensure that you are able to make as much as possible in the process. 

 Your Skills Will be in High Demand

If you choose to pursue a career as a CRNA, then you will find that your skills are always in demand. This demand is going to be one of the biggest benefits of being a CRNA, allowing you a chance to work with patients, help out others, and always have a great career ready for you when you want it. 

It is expected that the demand for this kind of career is going to keep on growing as time goes on as well, with it projected to increase by 16% by 2025. The increase in demand is due to the fact that there is an aging population right now that has higher comorbidities and chronic conditions. And even younger people need doctors more than ever before. 

Many medical facilities are looking to hire professionals in nursing to help them reach success and do well. If you have the right degree and certifications to work as a CRNA, you will find that your skills are in demand and you will be able to get the career you are looking for. 

You Can Work in Many Settings

As a CRNA, you will be able to work in a lot of different settings. Some of the environments where these professionals are utilized include:

  • Hospital operating rooms
  • Pain management clinics
  • Labor and delivery units
  • Outpatient centers
  • Critical care units
  • Ambulatory procedural areas

It is also possible that a physician’s office will need to use a CRNA to help out, including in the offices of plastic surgeons, pain clinics, podiatrists, dentists, and ophthalmologists to name a few of these. You can even work in research facilities or in academia to help you make a fun career doing what you love. 

As a CRNA, you will be able to choose from a variety of different work environments. If you choose one area and find that it is not the right one for you, then it is possible to move on and pick something else. This will make you more successful and allows you to do some of the work that makes the most sense for you. 

You Will Have Some Autonomy

As a professional CRNA, you will have an extensive knowledge base and skill set, which is going to give you the ability to make critical decisions that relate back to the patients and the care that they need. 

A CRNA is an advanced enough degree that you are able to make some of your own decisions to help keep your patients safe. you do not need to worry about taking orders from someone else, giving you the control that you need over the care of your patient. 

You Get a Flexible Schedule. 

Many CRNAs will enjoy their work because they will be able to work on a flexible schedule. There are many different schedules that these professionals are able to work, which allows it to fit around the other things that you need to do in your life. 

Depending on the environment that you work in, you will be able to choose from a variety of schedules. This is a big benefit to some people. Maybe you like the idea of working at night or you want to work a 9 to 5 to help stay home with the kids. 

There are also options in the amount of time you work during the week. You can choose between full-time and part-time or even be there for on-call needs and per diem. You will have some say in the schedule that you get, which allows you to get on a schedule that fits your needs the best. 

You Can Travel

As a CRNA, you will be able to travel around the country to do some of the work that you need and have an enjoyable life. Many facilities find that the best way for them to fill some of their own staffing needs is to utilize travel staff, which could turn this into a great benefit for you if you wish to travel and work. 

Many nurses will choose to become travel nurses because they will be able to see the country and work in a lot of different facilities at the same time. These travel contracts will also pay very well and many of them will subsidize your housing and your moving expenses when you are on contract with them, making it a great way to earn money as a CRNA

Choosing to be a CRNA

There are many different reasons why you should choose to become a CRNA as a great career option. When you are looking into all of your career options, take a look at some of the benefits above to see why becoming a CRNA is a great option for you. 


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