Emergency Dentistry
Dec 05, 2022

Dental Cases May Call for Emergency Dentistry

It would be best if you had dental health for a functioning and healthy-looking oral system. It includes comprehensive dental care from your dentist and routine good oral health habits. Professional dental services such as dental cleaning and teeth whitening are also essential as they help promote oral health. Not only does dental health enhance your oral health, but it also maintains a better smile quality. Mark Sutton DDS is here to take your dental health and smile to another level by providing various advanced dental services as you would need them. This blog post will discuss more on dental health.

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry focuses on decreasing your risk of complications, relieving pain, and preserving your oral health. Access to urgent dental care may be life-saving and prevent the worst cases. A severe dental problem can be hard to bear, and immediate care may be necessary to enhance pain relief. A dental emergency may occur at any time and may not wait for the scheduled appointment time. You might need emergency dental care in the following cases.

Broken or chipped teeth

Chipped teeth from major fractures may need emergency dentistry. A normal appointment may work for small chipping with no tooth pain. Seek emergency dentistry when you have a large piece of your tooth missing and have extreme pain.

Loose tooth

Adults’ teeth should be firm to support speaking, eating, and overall healthy living. Loose teeth in adults may indicate an oral health problem. It’s, therefore, critical to seek immediate dental care. You may develop loose teeth following an accident or sports injury. It’s advisable to see a doctor even when your teeth are intact after the accident for further evaluation. Loose teeth may also result from an infection.

Dental abscess

Dental abscesses may result from severe gum disease, chipped teeth, cavities, or teeth trauma. An abscessed tooth is painful and may not wait for a booked appointment. Besides pain, a dental abscess may also cause fever, swollen glands, foul taste, and pus.

Bleeding and aching gums

Continuous bleeding gums with aching may be enough reason to seek dental emergency services. It may indicate an underlying problem, such as gum disease, which can help provide early treatment.

Severe toothache

A toothache may range from mild to severe. It is among the most common dental complaints. Usually, it may be a symptom of a severe dental condition, such as a dental abscess, tooth decay, or oral infection. Seek immediate dental care if your toothache does not respond to painkillers, has a fever, or has lasted more than a few days.

Not all dental issues can wait for appointments, and some require urgent care. Knowing when to seek emergency dental care can be helpful and even help save your teeth and dental health. If you feel your dental problem cannot wait, do not hesitate to call Greenwich Dentistry. They offer effective emergency dentistry services at any time of the day to give you the relief you need. Call Greenwich Dentistry today for your dental emergency needs, among other dental services.

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