May 04, 2022

Econ 2301 Chapter 2 Quiz Flashcards

To put things in perspective, Obama, according to the proof we now have, obtained the equal of a 167 on the LSAT, and clearly he turned out just nice. I say all this because a lot of black affirmative motion students are so much like these college students that Stanford was accepting a few years ago, and who they nonetheless settle for really, albeit less regularly. These black affirmative motion students are sometimes sensible and well-connected and have worked at all kinds of interesting jobs earlier than going to a spot like Harvard Law, and when there, they typically do properly.

So I guess when they see circumstances of corruption, they aren’t surprised, and so they don’t react. Most black female beneficiaries of affirmative motion on the most elite elite universities merely aren’t dumber than Michelle Obama. They aren’t as good as the white or Asian students, clearly, however they aren’t by any means dumber than Michelle either. The alt proper and white nationalists like to demean non whites with rhetoric that is usually extraordinarily crude while at the identical time having the nerve to get upset when someone points out that really, the typical white guy isn’t actually so great and actually shouldn’t be above criticism.

Modern Levantines are mainly a mix of Phoenician, Assyrian, Kurd, Arab, Turk, Greek, Roman, Slavic, Armenian, and some other teams. The borders of the white race are sick outlined, and it is entirely cheap and legitimate for individuals to disagree about the borders. That is why they name it the white race not the white species. Obama couldn’t get his Obamacare web site up besides by hiring companies that function illegal, in violation of affirmative motion law.

The affirmative motion legal guidelines are inconceivable to adjust to, and so, for essentially the most half, people just don’t even attempt. If universities determined to accredit some gorillas, they might not even attempt to pick the smartest gorillas, just a few random gorillas and by and large, they don’t even attempt to decide the smartest blacks. They mostly attempt to pick the smartest women, but do not try very onerous.

Feminism was invented by the only people it appeals to, the White race, and we imposed it on their ceremony. Many White supremacists assume that feminism was invented by the filthy rat kikes with the specific intention of destroying the White race. It was funny to see the Jews bragging about how free they are while many jobs are available in consumer durables intimidated into gender neutrality in a means that the Cucktholics haven’t been. It isn’t as if having a low IQ is a defining characteristic of black-ness. When I hear of a high-IQ black individual, I at all times guess that he’s a Nigerian and I’m usually right.

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