Mar 15, 2023

How Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Life

Massage therapy can prove useful whether you are recovering from intense training or want to prevent future injuries. A quick assessment of your state can determine the type of massage that will benefit you the most. While massage therapy Flatiron District helps improve your athletic performance, it can also improve your heart function and overall health.

Massages’ best effects include better sleep, improved mood, and general well-being.

Types of massage therapies

There are two significant types of massage therapies, and they include:

Sports massage

Sports massages are scheduled massages that you can undergo as an athlete to maintain the health of your soft tissues and prevent the onset of muscle soreness after exercise. Since you can experience delayed muscle soreness after exercise, your therapist might recommend you get a sports massage between 24 and 48 hours after a training session.

Trigger point massage

A trigger point massage addresses muscle knots, referred to as trigger points in your body. It might be a trigger point if you examine your body along areas you often use, like the back of your neck, and find a hard, painful lump. The trigger points can cause pain in other parts of your body, a condition called referred pain.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy can offer you several benefits which can improve your life, and they include the following:

Reduces pain and stiffness

Whether you have pain after exercise or because of repeated motions or poor posture, your therapist can reduce your pain symptoms through target muscle manipulation. For example, if you have muscle knots, your specialist will ensure to smooth out the knots and alleviate the pain. If you have been physically inactive following surgery, your muscles can be stiff, and your massage therapist can help make them flexible again.

Improve athletic performance

Every athlete wants to perform their best, which can be possible through massage therapies and other factors like good nutrition and sleep hygiene. Whether you need a sports or trigger point massage, your therapist will evaluate your condition and needs and create a treatment plan to enhance your performance through healthy muscles and joints.

Your athletic performance can improve when your massages manage muscle soreness, tension, and swelling.

Decrease fatigue after exercise

You might feel exhausted after a round of exercise, but you can feel better if you turn to massage therapy. Massage therapy involves manipulating muscles and joints to stimulate soft tissues and encourage blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, you will have more energy due to the increased distribution of essential nutrients.

Increase range of motion

Massage therapy can increase your range of motion depending on your therapist’s tactics. Through soft tissue manipulation and the breakdown of muscle knots, your muscles become flexible and can perform different movements.

If you are due for a trigger point or sports massage, visit NYPT Health & Rehab for a treatment plan. The available massage therapists and chiropractors will extensively examine your situation before offering highly customized massage therapy to meet your needs. Call or book your appointment online today and improve the quality of your athletic performance.

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