Apr 11, 2022

How To Legally Annoy Your Landlord

I reported the same group to the management and they came and watched a video at my apt and said that security didnt do a report . I told them I was shocked and as they continued watching, you could see security show up after it was over and people were telling security what happened. The security guy still didnt do a report because the suspect is friends with the security guard that arrived after the attack. I waited a few months and still no changes and these guys are still roaming the complex freely.

Mercy housing goes against EVERYTHING the nuns meant when they created it to HELP people. They would be just as disgusted as I still am. This housing should not have ever been built on that old military base as I was not the only home there with this unknown black stuff. I still cough up black stuff because it is on everything I own.

I’m afraid if I contact the government rental complaints I will be evicted and I will be homeless. There is free legal aid, but only for people charged with a criminal offense. Can I legally get a baseball bat and beat the drug addicts so badly they wont want to come back here? I have abided by all the rules in the rental agreement, yet the landlord had the right to break his own rules about no illegal activities on the premises. If I could afford a lawyer, I would sue for $20,000 and buy a used RV and live in it until I can get proper housing.

Request an unreasonable amount of information from a tenant that has made a request for a reasonable accommodation. Release the above information to others, unless required by law. Fail to follow industry repair, containment, or remediation protocols to lessen noise, dust, lead, paint, mold, asbestos, or other harmful building materials exposure. If the problem still doesn’t stop after you’ve spoken to them about it, or gets worse, you can chat to the neighbours landlord if they’re a tenant and don’t own their home.

If there’s really a risk that an item could fall and injure you or someone else, you should notify the manager. Even something that wouldn’t normally cause an injury could be very dangerous if it falls from a certain height. Head injuries do happen because of people being knocked on the head by falling objects and your manager or landlord should have a policy of not allowing items to be balanced on the railing if there’s a risk.

Its been a month, and mold can grow in a day.. And were in the midst of a global lung pandemic. Most dog bite statutes apply when dogs bite people, not when dogs bite other dogs. Nevertheless, the owners in this situation could be held liable.

It’s been 5 days now still without hearing from him, our stuff still in our apartments, no one giving us any updates on the building whatsoever, and no answers. We are currently staying at a hotel but don’t know for how long, we were told we were all going to get our security deposits back, but no one knows when. The building partially collapsed because of lack of maintenance. This is also not to mention that everyone had something wrong in their apartments. Mine for example, had a heater that didn’t work, windows that didn’t close, my bathroom sink literally comes off the wall and doesn’t work because it just leaks water all over the bathroom floor.

Now, there is a huge sink hole, in back of our apts & the do nothing. Mold, in my rugs, also soot, & haze, throughout the entire apt. It took six police reports to stop the break ins & I barricade. I don’t need to tell you that Covid-19 has complicated almost every aspect of life for most people, sadly.

That way the police can force your landlord to share the video. My landlord had good insurance on the apartment and had a 100K umbrella policy as well. It is illegal to commit a crime , even if the person believes it is justified (because they’re retrieving stolen goods). I live in the mountains where an aquiantance vape nation twitch offered myself and my dogs to come and stay. We have had an understanding of the need to keep our dogs separate and have done well with that but lately he has become rude and yelling at me. He does not let me know when he has put his dog out and twice now he has screamed at me and told me get the hell out.

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