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Music Appreciation 14 & 15 Flashcards

Music historians focus on polyphony, as a result of the event of polyphony helps us to know the origins of Western harmony. Remember, though, that an important a part of enjoying early music is enjoying it for its own sake, and not because it factors to something else. In that sense, plainchant is comparatively the first task of most persuasive messages is to neglected by performers & listeners right now . Although most churches sang solely plainchant on most Sundays, polyphonic compositions began to appear for necessary feasts at rich locales. Ritornello (Italian, “chorus”) In a fourteenth-century MADRIGAL, the closing section, in a unique METER from the preceding verses.

England, as it had to this date, supplied somewhat little in the method in which of surviving secular music, with the English examples in Burgundy naturally being of comparable construction. In Italy, native composition from the period of Landini gave way to northerners, although Dufay did oblige by writing some songs in Italian. The most fascinating southern example of the period might have been the Cancionero de Montecassino (c.1480), compiled beneath Aragonese rule in Naples, and featuring songs in varied languages collected over decades.

Homophony Musical TEXTURE by which all voices move together in basically the same RHYTHM, as distinct from POLYPHONY and HETEROPHONY. Harp Plucked string instrument with a resonating soundbox, neck, and strings in roughly triangular form. The strings rise perpendicular from the soundboard to the neck.

For occasion, the Baka, nomadic people of Cameroon and Gabon, create a polyphonic texture whereas yodelling, a singing approach by which you alternate the traditional voice with a falsetto voice. Great renaissance composers like Guillaume Du Fay and Josquin des Prez have made lasting contributions, and Palestrina’s music is consultant of European polyphony perfected in the Renaissance period. Instrumental music in the sixteenth century typically did not specify its instrumentation. Instrumental dance pieces derived from vocal varieties was attribute of the a) the Renaissance period.

During the BAROQUE, a set usually referred to a set of stylized DANCE items. Stile concitato (Italian, “excited type”) Style devised by Claudio Monteverdi to portray anger and warlike actions, characterised by speedy reiteration of a single NOTE, whether or not on shortly spoken syllables or in a measured string tremolo. Spiritual African-American type of spiritual song that originated among southern slaves and was passed down by way of oral custom, with texts typically based mostly on tales or pictures from the Bible. Solo concerto CONCERTO during which a single instrument, such as a VIOLIN, contrasts with an ORCHESTRA. Serial music Music that uses the TWELVE-TONE METHOD; used especially for music that extends the same general approach to SERIES in parameters apart from pitch.

Canzona (Italian, “song”) Sixteenth-century Italian GENRE, an instrumental work tailored from a CHANSON or composed in a similar style. In the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, an instrumental work in a quantity of contrasting sections, of which the first and a few of the others are in IMITATIVE COUNTERPOINT. Of the next which best describes the texture of the pope Marcellus mass. Which early Renaissance composer exerted a powerful affect on generations of composers who adopted. The French island Corsica has a singular fashion of music called Paghjella that’s recognized for its polyphony. Traditionally, Paghjella accommodates a staggered entrance and continues with the three singers carrying independent melodies.

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