Apr 11, 2022

Sieve Ex Nihilo Creatio

Beyond that, I agree with other posters that you’re moving well into the realm of an Ex Nihilo automation addon mod, but with a design that doesn’t quite feel like ExN. It could have a lower chance of giving anything, making them less productive then sieves, and only give non-organic materials. Ores could only come in nuggets, meaning you need 9 to make an ingot, and you can’t use the hammer to get more metal. I can think of four off the top of my head that can automate a sieve.

They would have to be half sieve max speed or slower. It just feels wrong to have to manually sift for ores for the entire game when using mods that are all about automation. I want to make some auto sifting for early game, but I can’t seem to find any auto sieves.

Due to the configurable nature of the mod, the inputs and outputs of sieving recipes can vary between modpacks. A mesh must be placed inside the sieve before it can be used. An alternative too automatic sieving that you can leave and forget, there’s the option to have it be semi-automatic. A machine that only processes a stack of material at a time, and takes a decent while too run.

Since Hot+Wet has a 50% chance to mutate to Rock, there is a 25% chance that a Rock bee will be usable. After getting access to processing gold, making a backpack from fiber and a gold plate is very cheap, and you can open it with a hotkey from anywhere in your inventory. It can also be expanded to a rather large size with up to six backpack pockets that you put in the backpack and right click for one extra row each. Ideally, you want to find a flat space with nearby access to water to settle down in.

When setting up the auto sifter , build the axles and water wheels off of the sifter, because placement matters and it won’t work if the wheels/axles are turned the wrong way. That being said, PO3 makes sieving a lot less attractive for ore generation than past modpacks did. For example, the Ex Nihilo auto sifter is actually viable. Hook it up to power and feed whatever block you want to sift into it . Use hoppers, itemducts/servos, transfer pipes, or other ways of getting items in and out of a block to automate the process. It’ll give you a lot of materials if you can figure out how to feed it renewable resources.

Most parts from Futurepack have varying qualities which are randomly generated when crafted. Because the same quality components stack, you can cheese the RNG to always receive a specific quality part. When crafting the component, fill your inventory with other items and only leave one space for the part you want. Then just spam shift-click when crafting and you will only make that quality part. The CraftFurnace has a 6 stack input and output buffer, 3 slots for fuel, and smelts 2 items at a time. It is also more fuel efficient and saves progress if you run out of fuel during smelting.

I personally don’t want too spend hours sieving to do anything. The issue with what other mods add is that it’s too powerful. A single sieve operating on dust with 3 activators gets you ridiculous resource income with a negligible resource cost. It’s way too easy, but the only alternative is too spend 10 hours sieving to get the infrastructure required to efficiently operate a laser drill. But what if you don’t have MFR installed for some reason? There’s no way to get automatic ores besides OP sieve automation.

A whole bunch of powercells isn’t the perfect solutin either. The axel is attached backwards to the shifter in that picture. You need to build the multiblock from the shifter outwards for everything to connect right. I can tell because the bulgy osmose technology private limited parts shouldn’t touch each other to connect right. I just reloaded broke the original setup rebuilt it in a different spot then it started working. The setup was exactly the same as the old one though i guess it just decided it wanted to work.

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