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Mar 02, 2023

Signs You Should Get A Hand And Upper Extremity Surgery

Nothing plays a critical role in our day-to-day lives like our hands. These key components set us apart from other species and help us perform various tasks effectively. However, since your hands are a complex body part, they are often susceptible to numerous diseases and injuries that can affect your quality of life. Some hand conditions can make it challenging to use your hands and limit mobility. In such a case, you can benefit from hand and upper extremity surgery Oklahoma City services. This procedure uses the most advanced tools and equipment to ensure you safely and quickly recover from your debilitating condition. Let’s examine the leading signs that prove you are a candidate for hand and upper extremity surgery.

1. Constant hand pain

Sometimes, you can experience hand or wrist pain that can disappear over time. Such pain can be controlled with moderate treatments and offer you short-term relief. However, if your pain is gradual and has become part of your life, it might be time to think of a better solution. Persistent hand pain usually indicates a severe condition that can only be alleviated through hand surgery.

2. Your hand is unable to perform various tasks

Naturally, your hand is supposed to perform various tasks without any difficulties. However, if your hand condition has reached a point where it can’t perform even simple tasks, you should consider talking to a specialist. In such a case, hand surgery is the best option to help you regain the full use of your hands. Also, the surgery removes your issue from the source, so you can easily navigate your daily task without pain.

3. Your hand has been injured

Emergencies like accidents and injuries are meant to happen, and sometimes they are unavoidable. If you engage in a traumatic hand injury, you might require surgery. The surgery will ensure that your hand is properly checked and treated to avoid future problems and loss of functionality.

4. You seek a permanent solution

Although there are various hand pain treatments, not all are as effective as hand and upper extremity surgery. Some of them require upkeep, which can sometimes be tedious, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. If you’re tired of navigating medications and injections for your hand pain without effort, you should invest in a permanent solution like hand surgery. The surgery addresses various conditions that may be causing your pain, thus paving the way for advanced treatment that will give you relief in the long run.

5. Other treatments didn’t work

Before you get recommendations for hand surgery, you may have tried several less invasive treatments first. While the treatments can bring you temporary relief, it’s more likely that your pain can return after a few days or weeks. If other hand pain treatment options haven’t been giving you the relief you seek, hand and upper extremity surgery can improve your condition.

It’s no wonder that ignoring hand pain can lead to more severe worsening symptoms down the road. This can affect your daily life, which goes in handy in limiting your overall productivity. Nevertheless, over-the-counter medications aren’t ideal for chronic hand pain since the pain will keep returning over time. Instead, it would help if you visited a hand specialist to determine whether you are a candidate for hand and upper extremity surgery.

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