Apr 08, 2022

The Functionalist Perspective On Deviance

A number of studies using data from this project confirm the general assumptions of the social ecology approach. In particular, delinquency is higher in neighborhoods with lower levels of “collective efficacy,” that is, in neighborhoods with lower levels of community supervision of adolescent behavior. First, Durkheim said, deviance clarifies social norms and increases conformity.

Parsons refers to this as the cultural tradition, and argues that elementary communication is not possible without “some degree of conformity to the ‘conventions’ of the symbolic system.” (Parsons, 1951, p. 11). This includes language and other forms of communication, systems of morality, and all of the shared knowledge of people. While it is created by humans, this is the “social stock of knowledge, symbols, and ideas” (Ritzer, p. 247). Action systems where “the parts are connected” (Adams and Sydie, p. 350).

When a worker violates a workplace guideline, the manager steps in to enforce the rules; when an employee is doing an exceptionally good job at following the rules, the manager may praise or promote the employee. Conformity describes the people who pursue culturally valued goals through legitimate means, and ritualism refers to the individuals who set more realistic goals for themselves. Retreatism explains those who reject a society’s goals and refuse to try to obtain them. These individuals are so disinvested in these goals that they retreat from society.

New initiates into the gang will learn how to engage in conflict or gang activities to express frustrations by watching gang leadership. Thus, gangs become a subculture of their own, in contradistinction to the normative, peaceful model of youth behavior. Finally, in a retreatist subculture youth learn to reject both legitimate and illegitimate opportunity structures. These individuals are thought to be “double failures” in that they engage in conduct that is neither normative and accepted by society at large nor deviant but accepted by a subculture.

The value of quantitative analysis for a critical understanding of crime and society. Both biological and psychological explanations assume that deviance stems from problems arising inside the individual. Are women better or worse off than men when it comes to the chances of being arrested and punished? After many studies in the last two decades, the best answer is that we are not sure . Women are treated a little more harshly than men for minor crimes and a little less harshly for serious crimes, but the gender effect in general is weak. Involvement refers to the amount of time we spend in conventional activities.

From my understanding , functionalist paradigm is a primary paradigm to study the organization by testing the hypothesis. If a person views social values as beliefs, he or she will conform to them. An environmentalist is more likely to pick up trash in a park, because a clean environment is deathloop hentai a social value to him . Children who are members of little league baseball teams have fewer family crises. When we are closely attached to people, we worry about their opinions of us. People conform to society’s norms in order to gain approval from family, friends, and romantic partners.

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