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Sep 15, 2022

The top forex brokers and its features

Exness is recommended to traders familiar with the market, as Exness does not provide any “how-to” resources that would be useful to someone who is just starting. You can still sign up with Exness if you’re new to trading; however, you’ll need to master your basic skills elsewhere. Intermediate and advanced traders will appreciate the broker’s wide range of account types and the MetaTrader suite. Let’s learn about forex brokers and its features. 

Top Exness Features

Instant Withdrawals. One thing that Exness is very proud of is the speedy withdrawals. According to the broker, they can process the withdrawal process in seconds. It is unnecessary to do manual processing as withdrawals happen instantly even during weekends.

Free VPS Hosting. If you are looking for speedy and reliable trading, Exness has free VPS hosting. The continuous internet connection will protect you from issues that could disrupt your trading.

Comprehensive Price History. Exness forex  lets clients access an archive that is historical of all price ticks. The company draws the archive from its live pricing. Just go to their website and, select an instrument and period, and click to download a zip file with past bid/ask prices.

High Trade Volume. Exness boasts a prestigious trade volume. As of April 2022, it had $2.105 trillion in trading volume. There were 281,270 active customers in April 2022. These clients had $870 million in withdrawals during the first quarter of 2022.

Transparent Broker. Exness is an open broker. Apart from being controlled by various organisations, it also makes its public reports available to clients who want to see their audits and performance metrics.

Features of Exness

In the case of virtual brokers, the user interface is the main focus. The design of the site or mobile application, along with the layout and, of course, the features available to users, play an important part. However, Exness seems to have been working hard to make its platform stand out by improving features on its website. Check out our Exness reviews to find out more about:

Website Design

The site’s appearance is something that any first-time user will be awed by. If a person visits the site, not only will the font, colour and design catch the eye and attention, but the interface will appear comfortable and simple to navigate.

MetaTrader 4 and and MetaTrader 5

In the article Exness review, you can be prepared to learn about MetaTrader 4 as well as 5. It’s not surprising that the broker works for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (MT4 and MT5, respectively). It is regarded as the most prominent platform for forex trading worldwide, and the two platforms offer various options for customers. They can run trading bots such as EA, study financial markets, and execute sophisticated trading activities. They can also replicate strategies used by other investors without hassle.

Tick History

Broker Tick History Broker Tick History can be accessed public feature that guarantees that investor orders are being executed at market prices. Investors can double-check whether their orders are executed correctly.

Trader’s Calculator

Through Traders Calculator, the user can get an accurate report on the price of transactions. The calculator of the trader assists in determining the total prices of the trade they wish to open. The calculator includes values for pip and margin swap long value of swap short, volume and the lot’s value.

Expert Advisors (EA)

Expert Advisor is the software that is run on MT4 as well as MT5 trade terminals. This way, the trigger alerts set to specific parameters will send immediate trading actions and alerts to the user whenever the necessary market conditions are satisfied.

VPS Solutions

The remote terminal is accessible 24 hours a day. Known as the Virtual Private Server or VPS, increases the speed and reliability of the connections. This way, the user can ensure that transactions are sent to the server without delay.

You can use a VPS for free by having an account with your Personal Area or PA. The criteria to be met include:

At least $500 for a lifetime deposit (or the currency equivalent of the account).

A margin that is free of at least $100.

An allowance of less than $100 USD throughout the application period.

Exness Acadamy

Expert and novice traders can use the huge training centre, which has a library of trading materials. The academy permits them to investigate a range of trading strategies and check market surveys daily by using the available resources.

Best Rates via ECN

The broker allows traders to connect to the market interbank at the most favourable rates available through the ECN account. The system arranges the customer’s orders to compare prices with the other providers connected to the aggregator and then makes the transactions at the lowest prices.

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