Apr 11, 2022

The Ultimate Motorized Beach Wagon, Fully Electric, Built In The Usa & Rolls On Sand

This gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about dragging it through sand yourself, and can even allow you to take multiple trips back and forth from the blanket to the car. In one embodiment of the present invention, the foldable motorized beach cart 10 may comprise a frame assembly 20 made of a plurality of “U”-shaped frame jr automation pickens sc members 21. The “U”-shaped frame members 21 constitute a bottom framing bed where goods, objects, discoveries, and other items may be placed. The piano hinge 24 may comprise a hinge bar and pins. Any use of a specific type of hinge mechanism such as the piano hinge 24 is not intended to be a limiting factor of the present invention.

Up for sale here is the Sandhopper 24″ wide x 48″ long electric beach wagon, this model is the most popular size in the Sandhopper Powered Beach Wagon family. This battery powered wagon is fully motorized and features a variable forward and reverse speed throttle (0-4 MPH) and hand brake, both conveniently located on the specially designed steering handle. The Sandhopper is the ultimate electric beach wagon, fishing/pier cart, hunting cart and/or utility cart. It’s just like the “little red wagon/radio flyer wagon” you had when you were a kid, except you don’t have to pull this one! The Sandhopper does all the work, easily negotiating deep sand beaches and inclines all while fully loaded with EVERYTHING you ever wanted to take to the beach/fishing/hunting /or haul!

Few videos on youtube of people using scooter motors and the carts go 20+ mph, but no power/torque for the sand. “Was a little nervous at first to design my own custom utility cart, but your site made it pretty easy and clear. Was really happy that I was able to choose my own colors to coordinate with my business office.” The cart of claim 1, wherein said power source is mounted to said rear plate. The cart of claim 1, wherein said handle assembly includes a pivoting handle post and a handle secured to a top of said handle post. The cart of claim 1, wherein said handle assembly folds toward said front plate. Delay in shipping but customer service was great at getting factory to push cart for sooner delivery date.

Ever had those moments at the beach when you wish you had an electric utility beach cart to lug your gear to that perfect spot? Between a cooler, beach chairs, umbrellas and a radio, you probably have to make a few trips. All electrical components are wired through the 24-volt, 500-watt, 30-amp speed controller – the brain of e-Beach Wagon.

To accomplish this task, many beach-goers make use of a wheeled cart or wagon to transport their beach paraphernalia. “The features of the Escalera stair climbers are fantastic. Easy to use, good capacity, and the cell battery lasted for about 3-4 hours of continuous use. Got if fairly quickly and the service was excellent.” I have a beverage delivery route, and durability is important since I typically haul 4 to 5 cases on a single hand truck which weigh about 35lbs each. I was looking at folding hand trucks since my delivery truck is usually packed with cases leaving me with not much room for extras. My research lead me to this Magliner Folding Compact Hand Truck, and although this was by far one of the most expensive, it’s also most durable.

It took me a while to pull the trigger due to price, but now that I have it, I wish I wouldn’t have hesitated. Zoom Buggy® is not only portable, it’s it’s a utility cart that’s lightweight so anyone can use it. It moves easily in sand, grass or other difficult surfaces because of its wide wheels. The wagon’s “bed” is made of plastic and is removable for easy cleaning. The batteries and everything mechanical and electrical are enclosed inside a weatherproof compartment to prevent sand, water and wind from damaging the components. The side railings are removable to make loading and unloading easier.

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