Apr 07, 2022

Top 5 Cannabis Social Network

LeafWire is geared toward connecting potential investors with cannabis businesses. If you are an investor, you’ll have an opportunity to evaluate a range of cannabis businesses. When in the cannabis business, you will always target certain people in the entire audience. By utilizing hashtags , you will reach your prospective buyers seamlessly and at the same time improve their information searching experience.

Make sure that you know your strengths and weaknesses, and then start small. See if you can get start with a call or meeting for coffee and go from there. To cut through all the noise and connect with your prospective buyers, create relevant hashtags that make the right noise in the social media space. However, avoid using hashtags that have previously sparked any type of controversies or issues with other businesses in your niche. Cannabis Social Networks are entirely dedicated to cannabis users and businesses in this niche.

It seems like news spreads nearly every day about another cannabis brand’s accounts being shut down by Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Some of these account shut downs are initiated by the social media networks triangle business journal but others come as a result of businesses flagging competitors’ social content as violating the networks’ rules. WeedLife is a swiftly growing cannabis social media network, with over 200k registered users in more than 120 countries.

On too many social apps, a user can’t reach customer support to clarify policies, give feedback or address account hacks or deletions. In any case, the user often receives no reply, and if they do, it’s usually a copy-paste-style response received after days or weeks. Beyond the noticeable cannabis acceptance, My Ganja offers users an array of value propositions. All too often, popular accounts on major platforms find themselves throttled of sorts. If account deletion or shadow banning won’t stop the momentum, a cap on new followers certainly will.

Anyone can get one by joining the waitlist, or by asking an existing user for one.” In other words, until you have received a unique invite link from someone who is already using the app, you’re stuck. The app gained major attraction for a number of reasons, perhaps the biggest being that it is exclusive. It is currently only available to iOS users, meaning only those with an iPhone can download Clubhouse and reserve a spot on the waiting list. Where conference call meets podcast meets Houseparty, Clubhouse is specifically designed for people who have questions.

They have a fastly growing following of marijuana users looking to connect online. You can ask questions about marijuana, cannabis or industry news and get a relevant answer from marijuana pros. Join groups and connect with other marijuana enthusiasts in niche-specific topics. This cannabis social network is a dating app set up pretty much exactly like Tinder is.

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