Apr 26, 2022

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As anticipated, Keshe’s “cancer blueprint” or rather “cancer therapy scam”, highly hyped on pretend information web sites similar to Veterans Today or Before it’s News and combined with slander, is nothing however a plagiat of somebody else’s trustworthy work and research. During the courtroom case Keshe’s lawyer was defending Keshe in opposition to illegal medical practices that Keshe had been performing and charging sufferers for. Keshe claims to have paid everyone again, however Dirk Laureyssens, a former working associate turned whistleblower, attended the trial and testified that Keshe didn’t pay back the cash and continues his illegal practices on a world level.

In the seventeenth worldwide workshop, Keshe delivered a speech that was one of the most manipulative ones he ever held. He claimed that the Illuminati are keeping him out of the media as a result of they are afraid of him, when the reality is that Keshe isn’t within the media as a result of nobody desires to report on a fake technology! It’s just his notoriously devoted followers who nonetheless imagine his brainwashing.

Well I’m probably not stunned; I do hope he will get his arms on a “mag grav” unit and does one other video although. There ought to be plenty of movies like this soon I would imagine. You can even light an LED with a potato nowadays. Keshe technology is much less superior than a potato. It’s not you who should be irritated, it’s us, when Keshe is taking large quantities of money from trustworthy folks.

Metal oxide, or what Keshe calls “GANS” has no advantages. On the contrary, it’s toxic and harms folks. Keshe can only idiot very simple and uneducated minds with such methods, but law enforcement may have something else to say.

three Magnet wheel in opposition to a timing gear for braking the disks pos. The disks was linked with a flexible belt transmission. four The lamellas was a little magnitized and manufactured from a material/or coated for protection in opposition to corona oxidation.

Why is such a “doctor” even allowed to practice medication, when he places people’s lives at risk? Like Dr. Klaus , Dr. Rodrigo must be reported to the authorities for working towards quack medicine that has no base in scientific analysis, however poses a risk to public health. IF something that comes from the KF ever works, it was actually not based mostly on Keshe’s ideas and theories as they don’t work, and therefore all of the KF cult followers who labored on ANY Keshe-related issues prior to now, wasted their time for nothing. And Keshe exposes himself as a thief who uses other people’s ideas, whereas calling everyone else a thief. Please see the truth of the Keshe deception and be taught from it. Keshe is not here to teach, he is right here to deceive and to grab people’s time, vitality and cash, while organizing a world takeover beneath the false pretense of a FAKE “world peace”.

I think there must be quite a few sufficient to have a tool that works and/or knowledge to make it, earlier than we see something that works on YouTube. It is important but not so much with the ‘power craft’ part. Lots of intent is messed up with muddy/limited/contradiction/etc.

Topsy belonged to the Forepaugh Circus and spent the last years of her life at Coney Island’s Luna Park. Because she had allegedly killed three men in as a few years , Topsy was deemed a risk to folks by her homeowners and killed by electrocution on January 4, 1903, at the age of 28. Inventor Thomas Edison oversaw and conducted the electrocution, and he captured the occasion on film.

Even the finished Magrav units have been confirmed to not work up to now. They have been mysteriously recalled by Keshe himself, after promoting units for 799 euros, when anybody can construct a unit for lower than $10 at residence. Keshe also claims to be the Messiah, and that he can make team technology woodbury mn water, meals, and gold. I’ve accomplished a good quantity of research on this man. He promised finished items in 2009, people paid money and did not receive units.

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