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Dec 09, 2022

What to Expect from Your Gainswave Appointment

If you are struggling with Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction (ED), or weak erections, you might need the help of a qualified specialist. One of the treatment approaches you can use is gainswave San Fernando Valley, which uses sound waves to stimulate your cells and promote better erections. The treatment eliminates the use of pills to rectify your situation.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Various reasons might cause ED, including lifestyle choices and health conditions. Your lifestyle choices or health conditions can directly impact your blood circulation. For example, vascular disease can directly cause ED because the accumulation of cholesterol in your blood vessels leads to poor blood circulation in your penis, due to clogged arteries.  

If you have diabetes, obesity, or an enlarged prostate, you are at a higher risk of suffering from ED. Other factors that might increase your likelihood of getting the condition include insomnia, excessive use of alcohol, and smoking.

Reasons why you might need gainswave treatment

One of the primary reasons why you might need the treatment is to improve the quality of your erections and sustain a healthier sexual life. Although the causes of ED vary from one man to the other, the treatment can achieve remarkable results.

Another reason to undergo the treatment is to experience enhanced sexual performance. Attaining and maintaining an erection is significant; therefore, the treatment can help you achieve a better satisfying sexual performance.

Gainswave therapy also addresses the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, which causes curved, painful erections. The condition can occur as a result of repetitive penile injury. The injuries can occur during sex or athletic activity, or you can experience penile damage after a car accident. The condition causes the formation of scar tissue on the penis.

What does the process entail?

During the consultation, your doctor will give you the treatment details. The details can include what to expect during and after the treatment. Your specialist might need you to get to the health facility 30 minutes before the appointment to allow the application and effect of the numbing cream.

Once you are in the specialist’s office and the numbing cream has taken effect, your specialist will use a handheld device to transmit high-frequency sound waves to specific areas of your penis. The sound waves will break down fatty tissues and promote healthy blood circulation. The treatment will trigger stem cells to produce new nerves and blood vessels.

The sound waves can also stimulate your body’s natural healing process to help you experience better and stronger erections. The procedure requires zero downtime so that you can resume your daily activities after the treatment. While one session of the treatment takes 20 minutes, your doctor will determine how many sessions you require for full efficacy.

If you have erectile dysfunction, visit Prime Wellness for gainswave therapy. You will meet qualified and compassionate healthcare providers ready to offer customized treatment after carefully evaluating your symptoms and medical history. Call or book an appointment online today and enjoy a better satisfying sexual life. 

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