Aug 21, 2022

What are the Benefits of Video Invitations?

With trailers that catch viewers’ attention and leave them wanting more, film industries know how to give viewers a sneak peek at the next big blockbuster. Traditionally used by movie studios, teaser videos are now being used by event producers as invitations.

You can learn how to make invitations online with the help of free invitation maker tools, and it would be an exciting new addition that would make the guests curious.

The various reasons why video invitations can increase the success of invitations are discussed in this article.

12 Benefits of Sending Video Invitations

Saves You Time

You can save a great deal of time by using video invitations. Not only is the large task of personally distributing wedding cards by visiting all your guests home to home eliminated, but so is the time-consuming process of printing hundreds of invitations.

All your guests will receive the invitation videos via WhatsApp or e-mail, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, making it a convenient process.

An Affordable Option

Paper invitations are much more expensive than invitation videos created by free video invitation maker.

The cost of creating an invitation video is also comparatively lesser than the cost of a paper invitation because most people give out sweets and other accompaniments with the invitations if they are distributed traditionally.

Potential to Go Viral

Invitation initiatives that include videos are more likely to spread like wildfire on the Internet. In addition to their potential and capability, they can become powerful tools for word-of-mouth promotion.

Your video content may also compel your guests to share it with their friends and relatives if they find it appealing. 

Deliveries are Error-Free

It can be arduous to send invitations to guests in your city and send them to those who live out of town. Delivery issues can occur, and invitations could be delivered to the wrong address. Or it is possible that they do not reach the correct addresses. 

All this can lead to a lot of stress that can be avoided when you send video invitations. Everything is done online, and you can be sure they get delivered instantly.

Ability to Customize

Unlike in a physical store, where a designer might not be available to accommodate your preferences, you can customize almost all aspects of your video invitation cards using an online invitation maker for free.

There is no need to stick with the templates if you want to create some really memorable invitations. The possibilities are nearly limitless, with some websites which allow you to add music or create a video invitation.


It is estimated that 90% of people throw away their invitations the day after their wedding. But when you send a video invitation, they can store it on their computer, and even if they delete it, it does not harm the environment in any way.

You Receive An Instant Acknowledgement

The video can include RSVP links that guests can click to submit their responses. This way, you would immediately know who will be attending and who won’t be attending. 

It will thus provide the host and their families with an accurate estimate of the number of guests attending the function.

Lifelong invitation

Your video invitations will also last a lifetime, just like the memories of the event. After some time, paper invitations tend to get lost, but you can easily save video invitations on your laptops or storage devices. It would be a lifelong memory you can share with future generations.


Inviting guests to weddings with wedding invitation videos simplifies the synchronization of their calendars. If you send your guests a Whatsapp video of your function, they can easily put the date on their calendars online and set a reminder.

The Freedom to Be Creative

Despite significant changes in wedding invitations over the last few years, paper invitations still can’t match the creative freedom you can enjoy with a wedding invitation video.

You can also add music and other funky details to the video invite, in addition to pictures and clips of you and your partner. 

It’s Easy to Do It Yourself

You can also put together your invitation all by yourself if you choose to go the creative route when making wedding invitations. The passing frames are a great opportunity for you to display your hard work and skills.

You may want to use an invitation maker to help you with the editing if you plan to design your invitations all by yourself. On the Internet, you can find various free tools for making invitations. The best DIY invitations can be made using any of them.

Try out different tools to find out which video invitation tool is right for you. Nowadays, making invitations yourself using free tools is becoming increasingly popular. You can make these without the help of a professional.

More and more people are opting to create their own invitations to save time and money. With the help of these invitation makers, they are even achieving success in this endeavor.

When you use the right invitation video-making tool, you won’t have to worry about what the invite should look like and how it should appear. You and your partner will enjoy this activity together before.

Designs and Messages Tailored to Your Needs

Brides and grooms select their own card designs. They can incorporate unique, new elements into the invitations that convey personalized messages to guests. It will be more personal and affectionate if you add personalized text to the invitation. The invitees and hosts will develop a special relationship. Feeling welcome and excited to have the guest attend.

Video animated letters can be used for personalized messages, and motion videos are also possible. 

Each invite can also be recorded directly by the host; this will leave a great, positive impression on the guests.


Family gatherings and business meetings have become more popular thanks to Google Meets, and video invitations have gained new prominence after the pandemic. More people should consider video invitations for various reasons, including safety and environmental concerns and convenience. 

From sending function invitations to your guests to getting instant acknowledgments, spending less money, and sending advance invitations, there are many advantages to sending function invitations. The video invite allows you to invite all of your friends simultaneously. 


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