Semen Analysis
Feb 23, 2023

An Overview of Semen Analysis

Semen analysis, also called a sperm count test, analyzes the health and viability of sperm. It helps your doctor determine possible causes of male infertility. Semen is the fluid men release during ejaculation that contains sperm, sugar, and protein substances. Bedford semen analysis measures three main aspects of sperm health; the number, shape, and movement of sperm. Usually, you will need two or three sessions of sperm analyses to get a good diagnosis of your sperm’s health.

Why should you consider semen analysis?

Test for male infertility

Doctors can recommend semen analysis to couples having trouble getting pregnant. The test can help determine if the man is infertile. It will also help determine if low sperm count or sperm dysfunction is the cause of infertility.

Test for vasectomy success

If you undergo vasectomy, your doctor may recommend semen analysis to ensure no sperm is in your semen. Vasectomy involves your provider cutting and permanently sealing the tubes that send sperm from your testicles to your penis. After a vasectomy, doctors usually recommend you get a sperm analysis once monthly for three months to ensure that you no longer have sperm in your semen.

How do you prepare for a sperm analysis?

To get the best sample, your doctor will recommend you avoid ejaculation for twenty-four to seventy-two hours before semen analysis. Also, avoid alcohol and drugs like cocaine for two to five days before the test. You may also have to stop taking hormone medications and herbal supplements like Echinacea several days before your test.

What should you expect during semen analysis?

Semen analysis involves collecting a semen sample and taking it to a laboratory for observation. You can collect it at home or in your doctor’s office. There are four main ways of collecting semen samples which include masturbation, sex with a condom, sex with withdrawal before ejaculation, and ejaculation stimulated by electricity. After collection, your provider takes your semen sample in a laboratory and observes it under a microscope to check for sperm shape, movement, pH, count, volume, and liquefaction.

What factors should you consider to get a good sample?

There are two major factors you should consider when collecting a semen sample for semen analysis. First, ensure you keep the semen at body temperature. If it becomes warm or too cold, the outcomes will be inaccurate. Secondly, ensure you deliver your semen to the analysis center within thirty to sixty minutes of leaving your body.

What should you expect after semen analysis?

You should expect your semen analysis results within twenty-four hours to one week. If your results are abnormal, your doctor may recommend treatment for option depending on your outcome. Also, additional tests like hormone or genetic screenings may be essential for further diagnosis. If your doctor is conducting semen analysis to determine the cause of your infertility and your results are normal, the provider can recommend other tests.

Semen analysis measures the viability and help of your sperm. It can help determine the cause of your infertility or the success of your vasectomy. Schedule an appointment at CARE Fertility for semen analysis to determine the cause of your infertility. 

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