Feb 22, 2023

Self-Care Tips to Prevent Glaucoma

When maintaining overall health, your eyes should be on top of the list. Notably, these organs help you perceive the world around you. The optic nerve within your eyes is the one that transmits visual information to the brain for interpretation. With healthy eyes, you can minimize accidents that could injure other body organs like the skin. However, if you have an eye condition that damages the optic nerve, you can be at risk of blindness, which holds the quality of your life hostage. While some risk factors are uncontrollable, you can still minimize the risk of glaucoma San Antonio using the tips below.

Eat the Healthy Diet

Your food choices say a lot when it comes to maintaining eye health. Load your diet with leafy greens since they are rich in nitric oxide that optimizes the eye’s blood pressure. Consequently, you minimize the risk of optic nerve damage. The vitamin-rich meals will also help to maintain your vision.

Avoid Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

Although the sun is the natural source of vitamin D, which is crucial in bone development, harmful UV rays can trigger eye complications. Essentially these rays heighten the risk of the development of exfoliation matter in the anterior region of the eye. This material blocks the drain leading to the build-up of pressure in the eye. You should therefore limit your exposure to the sunlight. Wear sunscreen whenever you are outside on sunny days.

Keep the Blood Sugar Under Control

Do you know that individuals with insulin resistance risk developing glaucoma? Notably, the high glucose level in the bloodstream can interfere with the effectiveness of the optic nerve. Since you may not always know that you have high blood sugar, it is good to have regular health check-ups. The early detection of insulin resistance will help you keep the glucose level in healthy ranges through the necessary treatments.

Maintain the Healthy Weight

Being overweight has many repercussions on health, including glaucoma. Notably, the extra fat in the body puts unnecessary stress on the brain, forcing the optic nerve inwards. Therefore you should do whatever it takes to ensure that your body mass index falls between 18.5 and 24.9. For example, you should reduce the intake of highly processed meals.

Be Watchful When Exercising

Physical activities are indispensable when it comes to maintaining your overall health. However, extreme exercises can increase strain in your eyes, thus exposing you to glaucoma. It will be helpful to reduce the intensity of your exercises to keep your eyes in good condition. A thirty-minute session of moderate exercises like walking and biking will help you keep the intraocular pressure at a healthy range.


Your eyesight is one of the crucial senses in your body. Therefore, you should focus on your eyes to avoid the conditions interrupting this sense. For example, you should eat nutritious meals to avoid the build-up of pressure in your eye. Limiting your exposure to sunlight will also do you good in avoiding the formation of exfoliation matter in the eyes.

If you notice rapid blurry vision and headaches, you should seek relevant medical intervention since you could have glaucoma.

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